Property, Facility and Strata Managers alike understand the importance of Thermographic scanning of electrical switchboards. Thermographic scanning or Thermal imaging enables us to skilfully see what cannot be seen by the naked eye. Thermographic scanning is an essential component of the ongoing maintenance and servicing of a building’s electrical switchboard.

BMS Electrical Services has trained Electricians and uses the latest infrared thermal imaging technology to thoroughly inspect the electrical switchboard and then provide a detailed report of areas of concern.

What is thermal imaging?What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is the process of viewing heat, generated from an electrical switchboard. The greater the load of a device or equipment or the greater the current in an electrical circuit, the more heat generated. Thermal imaging measures and captures the heat image of the electrical switchboard components, essentially we can show you anything that is hotter or cooler than what it should be.

Why is thermal imaging important?Why is Thermal Imaging Important?

Thermal imaging is a vital component of electrical switchboard safety and reliability. Failures of electrical switchboards are all too common and can have enormous health and safety impacts through possible Fire or simply electrical/mechanical failure leading to equipment breakdown and loss of power. Thermal imaging shows the location of stresses and weaknesses in the electrical switchboard so they can be repaired before they breakdown and ensure the ongoing safety and operation of the electrical system.

How often does a switchboard need a Thermal Imaging test?How often does a switchboard need a Thermal Imaging Test?

Thermal imaging for all your building’s switchboards should be carried out every 12 months and more frequently if environmental conditions are influential. More and more insurance companies are now making thermal imaging a condition of policy renewal.

Will there be disruption to my building’s power supply during a Thermal Imaging test?

No, thermal imaging is completed when your building is running and at normal capacity.

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