We are at the forefront of the evolution of transport as we know it, transitioning to Electrical Vehicles (EV).

electric vehicle charging

With lower operating costs and enormous benefits to our future environment, there are very few reasons not to take up this technology.

Recognising the many benefits and the market change adopting this technology, BMS Electrical Services has now partnered up with major suppliers to offer EV solutions for the needs of our clients.

Home & Shared Parking Solutions

Whether you are in any of the following, we have a solution that would benefit all involved.

  • Domestic Home
  • Share parking - Apartments Blocks, Strata Complexes, including guest parking
  • Private or Public Commercial Business
  • Local or State Government
  • Industrial & Logistical Businesses

With many years of experience in the Electrical Contracting industry we are well equipped to offer you a professional service with our well trained technically and customer service staff assisting you to deploy the best solutions to suit your needs.

home and shared electric vehicle parking

User Pays Solutions

ChargefoxShare parking is no longer an issue. Using ChargeFox Australia’s largest and fastest growing EV charging network, users will be charged directly and you the electricity provider will be reimburse the cost of the electricity used charging EV’s by ChargeFox.

ChargeFox is Australian owned and operated and is committed to making charging simple, affordable, and fast for all Australians because simpler charging means more EVs on the road, and that’s a very good thing.

With hundreds of stations on their network, you can rest assured you’re never far from a ChargeFox station.

Simply download the app to find, use and pay for charging near you. Too easy.

Download the app to find, charge and pay

Download App on Apple App store  Download App on Google App Store

EV Chargers & Accessories

Irrespective of which electric vehicle you may own or service we are able to supply any of the following well known systems and accessories.

Wallbox Domestic & Commercial EV Chargers
JET Charge Domestic & Commercial EV Chargers & Accessories
Tesla Domestic EV Chargers & Accessories
EO Domestic EV Chargers & Accessories
Schneider Electric Domestic & Commercial EV Chargers
ABB Domestic & Commercial EV Chargers
Rolec Domestic & Commercial EV Chargers & Accessories
Juice Commercial EV Chargers
X-Charge Commercial EV Chargers
Tritium Commercial EV Chargers

Please contact our office to discuss your EV requirements and obtain a free quotation to supply and install your new EV Solution.

Future Proofing

A major factor for electric vehicles charging is time. Depending on the type of EV charging system and vehicle it can take several hours to days to charge an EV from 0–100% charge.

A solution to potentially dramatically reducing the time it takes to charge your vehicle is to install a 3-phase charging unit. These operate at a much higher power output. Generally speaking, a single-phase unit will output a maximum of 7.0 Kilowatts of power compared to a 3-phase unit's typical 22.0 Kilowatts.

Don’t have a 3-phase supply to your house? Speak to our customer service team who will assist you in upgrading to a 3-phase supply.

To further minimise the cost of electricity to charge your EV, install a Solar PV system which during the day would charge your EV at no cost to you provided you have the correct PV Solar system installed. Using your own electricity generated by your PV Solar system will at the same time reduce your household cost of using electricity. We may also assist you with installing or upgrading a PV Solar system to your property.

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

Our Suppliers

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