We service and install a broad range of lighting solutions whether they be in the home or the commercial office environment. We can supply lighting for your home or office needs or we can simply install your lighting of choice.

Did you know... The 2014 Nobel prize for physics has gone to three Japanese scientists who developed a light emitting diode (LED) capable of producing bright blue light. This invention has revolutionised lighting and if all existing lighting sources were replaced with LED it would reduce the consumption of energy in Australia by approximately 15%.


BMS Electrical Services has been leading the way in the installation of energy efficient lighting in the home. After the testing of numerous LED brands we have selected Gerard Lighting Crompton as the LED to replace the traditional halogen downlight which is most common in Australian homes. LED downlights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional halogen downlights which means significant savings on your home electricity bill. They also do not create heat and thus reduce the risk of fire in your home roof space.

What LED stands for and how it works

LEDs are the most efficient lights on the market, LED stands for light emitting diode, a diode is an electrical component with two terminals which conduct electricity only in one direction. With an electrical current the diode emits a bright light around the small bulb.

Benefits of LEDs

LEDs are extremely energy efficient and require very little current to illuminate. Since they do not have a filament, LEDs do not heat up and thus reduce the risk of fire in your homes roof space. As LEDs do not create heat, they are extremely energy efficient as opposed to traditional globes where sometimes more than 80% of the electricity used is wasted not light but in heat. LEDs have a longer life and thus maintenance costs are lower. LEDs are solid state devices and thus have no moving parts, this makes them more durable and reliable.

What we recommend for your home

Crompton LED 12w

We recommend the installation of 9W Haneco Viva LED Downlights to replace your existing halogen downlights.

Haneco Viva LED 110A01 specifications

  • Warm white 3K – 852 Lumens (also available in 4K cool white)
  • Rated life – 50,000 Hrs
  • Dimmable
  • 110mm with 90mm cut out
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Also available in Nickel trim
 PricingSupply & InstallSupply and Replace existing
9W – 852 Lumen $100 Inc (min 4) $50 Inc (min 4) - Installation of surface socket at additional cost if required.

How much you can save

Based on having 20 halogen downlights in your home and the lights being on 8hrs per day, the savings are as follows:

  • 50W halogen x 8 hrs x 365 days x $0.40c per kilowatt hour = $1168 per year
  • 10W LED x 8 hrs x 365 days x $0.40c per kilowatt hour = $234 per year

That's a saving of $934 per year!

Install LED downlights and start saving money on your electricity bill

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Security, Sensor & outdoor lighting

clipsal infrascan

Whether it be the improvement of security of your home by lighting solutions or the use of lighting to bring your home outside we can assist. We supply and install a range of floodlights, sensor lights and outdoor sensors. We can also simply install the outdoor lights that you have chosen. Clipsal Infrascans can be wired to multiple lights and will trigger when detecting movement. Sunset switches can be used to turn lights on when it gets dark and turn them off when it becomes light in the morning. Most outdoor lighting products are also now available in energy efficient LED formats.

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